Manufacturer of 3D basic material based on nylon web for sanding and polishing

(unitized & non-wovens)

We are Cibimmob!

Just like all the others, but flexible too.

We develop premium quality 3D non-woven basic materials for sanding and polishing (unitized and surface conditioning). And we do it really well!

Our rebellion was fired by an unbending attitude in the market and our hunger for change. We decided to take things into our own hands. Cibimmob was a spin-off from Cibo.

A young company with the ambition of becoming a fully-fledged manufacturer of non-woven abrasive materials. With our young and fresh approach to the market and production processes we are able to offer a unique concept:

“Custom-made 3D abrasive materials with enormous flexibility.”


Our benefits

R&D supported by experience.

The close collaboration between our R&D department and experienced abrasion experts at Cibo means that we are able to develop top quality products. Extensive tests both in the lab and in practice are demonstration of the fact that our products have no trouble in meeting the highest quality standards in the market.

Flexible production.

Our greatest advantage is our size. Big enough to develop and manage everything in-house, yet small enough to be fast and flexible in meeting expectations and the demands from the market and our partners. So if you are looking for 3D abrasive materials customised to suit your own personal needs? Made to your own composition, density or colour? Then ours is the right address.

It doesn’t stop at a plate or a roll.

Want a semi-finished plate or roll? Or would you prefer discs, belts or wheels as a finished product? Thanks to our close collaboration with Cibo we can process your unitized or surface conditioning into any shape of almost any size to suit your needs.


Our products


3D web of nylon fibre, uniformly soaked in artificial resin and containing abrasive granules which are then ingeniously and pressed into consistent solid plates of a specific thickness and density. Pressed abrasive materials pack plenty of power and give an excellent finish. The plates are processed into a wide selection of wheels, discs, sanding pens etc.

Surface conditioning

Reinforced tex or surface conditioning is an open nylon web, containing abrasive granules embedded in a woven polyester structure. This offers considerable elasticity and abrasive resistance. In this way it is particularly well-suited to a wide range of applications: abrasive belts, standard-shaped discs, self-adhesive or with a quick-change system, as well as classic and combi flap discs.


Nylon fibres are combined with resin and abrasive granules to make a 3D web-like structure. This results in an elastic, open-structured abrasive material. Cibimmob’s own tex products stand out for their superior abrasive and angle resistance. This makes these materials not only perfect for manual applications, but also ideal for machine use.

Just the job for you?

Cibo & Cibimmob:
a powerful partnership.

In short, it’s a long story.

Cibo has been manufacturing high quality abrasive, sanding and polishing products for over 65 years. Offering semi-finished to finished products, almost exclusively for industrial and professional purposes. Cibo’s greatest advantage is that it has gathered an enormous amount of application knowledge thanks to its proximity to the end user.

Cibimmob shares in the benefits of this knowledge.

Each product that Cibimmob develops is subjected to an extensive range of practical tests carried by Cibos application experts.

Furthermore Cibo are able to process the unitized and non-woven goods made by Cibimmob into finished items: grinding wheels, sanding discs, abrasive belts,…
In this way, not only can we provide the basic material, we can also deliver ready to use abrasive products should customers require them.


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